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Enjoy the latest stock market news (and funny commentary) with a bangin' playlist that's for the culture each weekday to help you secure the bag.

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Hi! I'm Dr. Eric Patrick, a pharmacist turned investor and full-time entrepreneur and I started Black Market Exchange because of the lack of color in the investing space when it came to financial education. The information was great but it didn't speak me as a person of color who doesn't have a finance degree but loves all things hip-hop and pop culture.


From that, the company was born and has since grown to a community of over 50,000 loyal Paper Chasers including the readers of my daily stock market newsletter, PAPERTRAIL.


Whether it's lyrics from Jay-Z, Drake, and Future or an analogy from HBO's The Wire, you're guaranteed to learn how to invest and trade stocks and still hold it down for the culture.


"Financial freedom my only hope." - Jay-Z


See you in the markets!


Dr. Eric Patrick

The Hip-Hop Stock Doc



Enjoy our financially lit music videos that are not only going to have you jammin' in your seat, but you'll also learn a thing or two about money and investing.

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Blogs are typically a collection of informative, educational, and entertaining pieces of written content. Our blog offers that and so much more so you can secure the bag and make the right money moves.



Enjoy our humorous yet educational videos going over everything money from investing and trading to saving and taxes.

  • YouTube: Teaching Thursdays
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An investing 101 free course with a focus on stocks for beginners. This course comes complete with video lessons, a workbook, and glossary showing you the where, when, why, and how of stock investing.

Coming Soon!

"If any of you want to learn more about investing with a relevant relatable spin check out my friend Eric Patrick's newsletter. It’s hands down one of my favorites." - T. Rapley of My Fab Finance

"I don't know jack about the stock market but Eric Patrick keeps it interesting with his newsletters. I finally feel in-the-know LOL." - B. Ford

"These newsletters are pure GOLD!!!! Thanks Eric." - K. Williams

"I really love how you simplify financial terms and give a comparison from our culture." - S. Long

"I feel the newsletter has assisted in my knowledge of understanding the market exponentially. I've been dealing in the marketplace since I was 18 but, only over the past year have I really focused on it. I enjoyed Jim Kramer as much as the next guy. With that said he doesn't understand the vibe of the culture. Your platform is needed to grow financial knowledge for the people." - A. Foster

"Today’s issue of PAPERTRAIL was spot on! I’m so very glad the investing paper for the culture has returned. If y’all haven’t subscribed yet you need to get into it! Learn you something about the stock market." - K. Butts

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