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Hey, what's good fam? Welcome to the winner's circle.

If Jay-Z and Warren Buffett started a stock market newsletter, it would be PAPERTRAIL.


Every weekday, we send an email with stock market news (and funny commentary) that's for the culture to help you secure the bag.

Looks like you're here because one of your friends thinks you should sign up. So make it happen cap'n... Your pockets will thank you.

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  • Market Moves: The latest market movement of the 3 major stock indices better known as the S&P 500, Dow Jones, and Nasdaq so you know why your money is moving the way it moves

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  • Pre-Market Play: The latest and greatest hip-hop tunes making the opening bell a true vibe

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  • Stock News: 2 to 3 of the biggest stories to hit the stock market in the past 24 hours fully equipped with what happened, why it matters, stock performances, and explanations of that fancy market talk that's kept you too scurred to invest on your own

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  • All Eyez On: Insight into investing trends we're watching and the stocks affected by them

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  • When You Tryin' to Get Sponsored: Handpicked products, tools, and resources we fill will help you level up your money, investing, and trading

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  • More PaperTrails: The latest and greatest news including everything from tech and entrepreneurship to personal finance and cannabis

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  • Did You Know: A fun fact in the form of a question, typically about money, that'll blow your mind

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  • Who's Got Next: Up to 5 handpicked hot seat stocks that will report their most recent earnings that day

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  • Show Some Love: Because we appreciate you being a ride or die and sharing with your kinfolk

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  • Now You Know: Seriously, who would we be if we didn't give an answer to Did You Know 

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Come on in where it's warm...


"If any of you want to learn more about investing with a relevant relatable spin check out my friend Eric Patrick's newsletter. It’s hands down one of my favorites." - T. Rapley of My Fab Finance

"I don't know jack about the stock market but Eric Patrick keeps it interesting with his newsletters. I finally feel in-the-know LOL." - B. Ford

"Thanks for bringing the newsletter back, I truly enjoy these. The insight is #real." - E. Deleon

"These newsletters are pure GOLD!!!! Thanks Eric." - K. Williams

"I love this newsletter!" - N. Broom

"These newsletters are excellent! Keep it up!" - R. Solomon

"I really love how you simplify financial terms and give a comparison from our culture." - S. Long

"Excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You rock harder than you know." - K. Truesdale

"Newsletters are Dope! I appreciate your movement." - T. Danger

"Today’s issue of PaperTrail was spot on! I’m so very glad the investing paper for the culture has returned. If y’all haven’t subscribed yet you need to get into it! Learn you something about the stock market." - K. Butts

"Keep up with good work. I love your newsletter." - A. Herda

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