6 Things The #GRAMMYs Taught Us About Investing

Grammys Kendrick Lamar

(photo: MTV)

Get Started

If Kendrick Lamar hadn’t started rapping, where would he be? Better yet, where would hip-hop? His talent and charisma has bolstered the new generation of rap music exponentially. But just as young K Dot had to start somewhere, so do we when it comes to investing. The average savings account earns less than 1% annually in interest, while the stock market returns on average around 10% per year on your initial investment. With DIY discount brokers and robo-advisors, it’s easier than ever to start investing with no prior knowledge and still make money.

Realistic Goals

The Weeknd set goals by dedicating himself to putting out great music on a consistent basis. It’s been a long time coming since House of Balloons debuted in 2011, but The Weeknd set goals and achieve them by sticking to his brand and working his sound. Now he’s achieved another goal by snagging not one, but TWO Grammy Awards. As investors, we must also set realistic goals. Start off with a plan to make 25% profit, then 50%, and then doubling your money. Rome being built was the ultimate goal, but smaller goals had to be achieved along the way. Your investment portfolio works the same way.

Assets > Everything

At the end of the day it’s all about growth. In order to grow, you must own assets. We as Blacks own the greatest asset of all -- our culture. Not only did Beyoncé portray our assets in the form of Black Power at the Super Bowl, but also Kendrick Lamar put our assets on Front Street for the world to see at the Grammys. Not only was his performance electrifying, but also it was inspiring and made me proud to be Black. Just like we have to own our Blackness, we have to own thing that appreciate in value, like stocks, bonds, and real estate. Money brings power, and to help growth the Black dollar, we must invest in vehicles that put us in position to fly.


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Move With the Market

When you see the red carpet, you see some folks who stunning and kill the retail game with their outfits for the night. People like John Legend and Chrissy Teigen and of course Beyoncé, move with the musical market in great ensembles as they should. But you also get some who go way too far against the grain like Denica and or that cat with the pink durag that simply veered way to far off the trail. Many people use the phrase “beat the market” when it comes to investing, but a lot of times end of getting burned. Instead, strive to move with the market to win during good and bad times. Ways to do this include selling stock options or buy and flipping inverse ETFs.

Make it a Priority

The Grammys is simply about the music. Therefore, as an artist, it must be a priority to make music and make it good. As a culture, we have to make it a priority to seek new and better financial opportunities whether it’s financial markets, investing in Black businesses, or growing entrepreneurship within the community.

You Can Do It!

This last one is self-explanatory. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. I remember I told people in 2009 that Wiz Khalifa would blow up like Drake did with So Far Gone, and nobody believed me. Next thing we know he’s dropping his Kush x OJ mixtape, and then of course the club banger Black and Yellow. If Wiz didn’t believe in himself back then and prior to it, he wouldn’t be able to attend the Grammys like he does in present day. The same goes with your money and investing. If you believe you can do it, then you can. It’s amazing how a little motivation can take you a long way.

Investor Takeaway: The biggest obstacle that prevents many aspiring investors from getting started is simply effort. Join the #GRAMMY family so your money can work (work, work , work). Which of the above points do you struggle with? What's keeping you from financial success?

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