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Zero to Investing

Everything You Need to Know About Stocks to Start Investing

If any of these sound familiar...

  • You've been hesitant to invest in stocks because you don't know enough about them

  • With so many stocks in the stock market, you struggle with picking the right ones

  • All the stock market lingo is too confusing which leaves you unsure of what to do

  • Of all the different investment brokers, you don't know which one(s) to use

  • You heard stocks are a great way to build wealth but you feel like you don't have enough money to get started


... then this course is for you!


What You Will Learn:

  • How stocks you want or own compare to other investments that interest you

  • Why investing in stocks can wake you up to wealth building

  • How you can better understand stocks like a Wall Street OG

  • Find your perfect broker and get into the stock market ASAP

  • Buy and sell the best stocks for your portfolio

  • BONUS: Find out whether investing, trading, or both Is right for you

Skill Level: Beginner

The Course Includes:

  • 30-minute video course

  • 22-page workbook

  • 10-page glossary

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Dr. Eric Patrick

Hip-Hop Stock Doc

Hi, I'm Dr. Eric Patrick and I'll be dropping gems in this course so you can overcome your fear of investing and buy stocks with confidence. This free email course is going to help you learn the basics of investing in the stock market and prove that you don't have to be a financial expert — or have a crazy bankroll — to get started.


Please be aware that past performance is not indicative of future results. Investing is inherently risky. Even though the potential for rewards exists, by investing, you are putting yourself at risk. You must be aware of the risks and be willing to accept them before investing in any type of security, including stocks and options. Never trade with money you can't afford to lose. Nothing during this online event should be considered a solicitation nor an offer to buy and / or sell securities. No guarantee is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those discussed on this website or during the event. Neither Black Market Exchange, LLC, Dr. Eric Patrick, nor any third parties provide any warranty or guarantee as to the accuracy, timeliness, performance, completeness or suitability of the information and content found or offered in the material for any particular purpose. By registering for this event, you acknowledge that such information and materials may contain inaccuracies or errors and we expressly exclude liability for any such inaccuracies or errors to the fullest extent permitted by law. All information exists for nothing other than entertainment and general educational purposes. We are not registered financial advisors and the content on this page or within the program is not to be construed as investment advice. This is not a multi-level marketing (MLM) or "get-rich-quick" opportunity.

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