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What is the Summer16 Savings Challenge?

The Inspiration


The Summer16 Savings Challenge was inspired by Drake's song title Summer Sixteen and created to help students and others looking for revenge on their finances by way of an easy-to-follow plan savings plan over the course of a summer (16 weeks). Similar to other money challenges like the 52-Week Challenge, $5 Bill Challenge, etc., the goal it to achieve a set dollar amount and use it needed. Reasons for saving during the challenge include: emergency fund, school related needs, business startup expenses, and whatever else your wallet leads you to.


How do I participate?

The Action Step


Joining the challenge is easy. Simply click the button below to join and you'll receive further instructions to get started. You will also receive acces to our private challenge Facebook group and our 5 Steps to Save with Purpose guide.

What is the dollar amount savings goal?

The End Result


We have 3 dollar amount goals for the challenge. They are $250, $500, and $1,000 goals. Each goal has a set savings plan to follow over the 16 week summer period resulting in financial success.


How do I get others to join?

The Money Network


Share this money challenge with your family and friends using the social media outlets below and don't forget to use the hashtag #Summer16Challenge. This challenge is also in collaboration with BankMobile. and every Summer Saver who opens an account with them for the challenge will receive a $5 gift towards his or her savings goal!


Want to join the challenge? Yes, please!

Just click the button to the right to start saving for revenge.

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