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We're here to help today's novice and moderate investors, traders, and entrepreneurs better understand the stock market and grow their money.

Every weekday morning, we provide straight no chaser stock market news with humorous pop culture commentary that not only makes investing easier but more fun. Our edge is not only the insight we share but how we share it and our readers can't get enough of us.


So, who reads PAPERTRAIL?

Glad you asked. Let’s start with the high-level stats:

PaperTrail iPad.png
2.5K+ active email subscribers
28% daily open rate
3% daily click rate
94% are Black or African-American
70% between the ages of 25 to 44
62%/38% female/male
44% earn more than $75K annually
47% consider themselves "beginner" investors
MOST are full-time employees

Mostly Located In


Atlanta, GA


Charlotte, NC

Dallas, TX


Los Angeles, CA

New York, NY

Washington, DC

Who Reads PaperTrail?

Screen Shot 2019-11-03 at 2.10.36 AM.png
Finance and healthcare professionals, educators, technologists, marketers read PaperTrail every day for stock market insights and strategies.

"If any of you want to learn more about investing with a relevant relatable spin check out my friend Eric Patrick's newsletter. It’s hands down one of my favorites." - T. Rapley of My Fab Finance

"I don't know jack about the stock market but Eric Patrick keeps it interesting with his newsletters. I finally feel in-the-know LOL." - B. Ford

"I feel the newsletter has assisted in my knowledge of understanding the market exponentially. I've been dealing in the marketplace since I was 18 but, only over the past year have I really focused on it. I enjoyed Jim Kramer as much as the next guy. With that said he doesn't understand the vibe of the culture. Your platform is needed to grow financial knowledge for the people.." - A. Foster

We partner with great brands to create fresh content that we know our readers can't get enough of.

Get in touch and let’s figure out how we can best work together.

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